These service packages have been created to help your company make the most of everything ProOpti’s Technology Expense Management solution has to offer. Such services can happen as a one-time event or a managed service that ProOpti handles on a regular basis.


ProOpti UpToDate

Time flies and it is easy for installed systems and applications to be ticking along in the background, unnoticed. However, all systems need an overhaul once in a while. By ordering our ProOpti UpToDate package we will do all this for you: check for Pro updates on the operative system, clean the logs, set new parameters and write a simple report with recommendations of possible actions and estimated timelines for completion. We will also give insights into the new functionalities and features that you can access with the latest upgrades. Since your organization is constantly developing, it is important that your technology services progress just as quickly.


ProOpti AnalyzeIT

The challenge with the many digital systems purchased by companies today is all the data that they produce and thus the many reports that must be read and analyzed, ready for action. Many would like to read the reports and understand this vital information, but just don’t have enough time. With ProOpti AnalyzeIT, our experts analyze your reports for you, create conclusions on what we find and give recommendations in one simple report.


ProOpti UseIT

The Pro solution makes it possible to understand whether a new service or application is used as it is supposed to, the costs for these applications, and the number of devices and subscriptions per user. Today you might use the tool for mobile telephony and fixed telephony subscriptions but did you also know that you can use it for many other areas like Skype, Office 365, printers and ID cards? In the ProOpti UseIT package, we will go through what your technology environment looks like today to see what other systems and functions could be added into the Pro reporting. Make the most of your Pro investment.


ProOpti Managed Application

As a customer you encounter a lot of challenges, your service usage is only increasing, but who is using what? Do you really need everything you pay for? Are you paying subscriptions for people that have left the company? Should central IT take the costs of things or departments deal with the costs themselves? Would you like to have the answers that Pro delivers but no one within the company has time to do the leg work or talk you through how to use the application effectively? Then we can offer ProOpti Managed Application. Our experts make sure that imports are done as they should, the right people get the reports, report results are analyzed and you receive a follow up with suggestions for actions. With ProOpti Managed Application you will create awareness in your organization without having to devote resources to this.


ProOpti Trusted Advisor

What’s the plan for your company’s future? Do you have all the applications and systems in place for this? Are you digitalizing your operations? Or, do you just want to make existing systems and routines more effective? Perhaps you need some guidance. By involving our experts from the beginning of the project, they can act as a Trusted Advisor and make it easier to follow up on the results of the project. They can even share experiences from other customers, their challenges and how they solved it. Our experts can also participate as a sounding board in workshops before the project starts, regardless of the project type.


ProOpti Support Plus

In the standard service agreement, support is included if something is wrong with the product, but there are often many other things that you need assistance with. For instance, when you have manual, mandatory tasks that exist outside of your basic service agreement, such as updating price lists or cleaning databases, then you need to do them yourself. Therefore, we have created two levels of extra support: Silver and Gold. Silver Support Plus offers one-time assistance with checking/updating pricelists, configuration issues and other tasks that you don’t do so often or don’t feel secure about. Gold Support Plus provides ongoing, regular support for tasks that need to happen a few times a year, e.g. assistance when files were not imported correctly and the correction of data as a consequence of that.


Keen for a quick personal demo?

Curious to learn more about ProOpti’s solution and how to use it? Our experts will take you on a personalized walk through the Pro suite. The live demo is based on your particular focus areas, whether that is, for example, quality control, cost management or user feedback.