Rammohan Bandaru
Technical Consultant


At ProOpti since?
May 2014

How did you start working at ProOpti?

When I was planning to change my job, I saw a post about a position at Teleopti TEM AB (now ProOpti AB). After I went through the job description I felt like it would be a perfect match. The company profile was very interesting as well, with its focus on core values, diversity and open culture. So, I immediately applied for it, and yes, my guess was correct, after a month I started my product training as a consultant.

Best thing about working at ProOpti?

It’s hard to pick just one best thing about ProOpti… The wonderful colleagues around me, it’s like a family where everyone is so busy yet you find time for each other, especially when someone needs help. The belief in a person and confidence in one’s abilities from management gives more motivation to get the best out of an individual. The perfect balance between private and professional life.

When are you the happiest?

We face many challenges in our professional and personal life, for me some challenges stay constantly inside my head until I resolve them. The days when I fix them and have time to relax I am happy.

Also, we celebrate lots of festivals in India, a few of them come with very fond memories. Times change, places change, and I love to celebrate these festivals with my dear ones.

What do you do when you are not at work?
I spend time with my wife, we go to movies or simply stay home, cook our favorite food and watch our favorite TV programs. I started to play badminton recently and like it very much.  I try to go to gym and train but it often ends up with me just trying rather than doing.

Name three things still on your bucket list?

1) Get my driving license 2) Go on a trip through Europe with my parents and try not to reveal the place till we reach there. My Dad used to take us on surprise trips to different places in India, this would be kind of a payback for then. 3) Own a farm house where I can eat only what I produce and share it with others.

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?

Secret wings, which only get stronger and stronger as I grow old. When it’s time, you can fly away and disappear. 

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