Teleopti TEM, a global provider of the Communication Management solution, Teleopti Pro, where Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is an extensive part of the offering, announced today its new partnership with UTelcom UK, a telecommunications consultancy based in the United Kingdom Surrey, who will offer Teleopti TEM’s solutions in their portfolio.

UTelcom UK help their clients to reduce their telephony expenditure and equipping them with the right technology. With services like bill analysis and auditing, tariff compliance, procurement support services and benchmarking, the partnering with Teleopti TEM will vouch for a powerful TEM solution to fulfill UTelcom’s clients’ needs.

Teleopti Pro is an efficient Communication Management solution for reporting and analysis of expenses, statistics and usage of services and devices. Part of the Communication Management offering is; Telecom Expense Management, Unified Communications Management and Quality of Experience Management.

“We are delighted to be working with a professional and effective organisation such as Teleopti”,says Lorent Reid, Sales Director at UTelcom UK.“Teleopti’s solutions are functional, flexible and ideal for our market – the future looks very bright for our collaboration.”

We are very pleased to be extending our solution to UTelcom’s customers.With our powerful solution integrated with UTelcom’s technical expertise and deep knowledge about the market, improvements will be great,”says Kjell Persovin, CEO of Teleopti TEM.For customers, UTelcom’s broad portfolio of offerings together with our solution Teleopti Pro, that controls costs, monitors quality and manages all communication devices and services,will give a real boost to operational efficiencyandtheir IT costs will drop. I truly believe the partnership is a win-win scenario for both our companies.”

About UTelcom
UTelcom UK is a telecommunications consultancy company based in the United Kingdom Surrey and offers services throughout the UK. UTelcom UK has worked with a number of high profile clients, including the NHS and the Royal Air Force Club. By helping you reduce your telephony expenditure and equipping your team with the right technology, we present you with a business effectiveness plan which can help to drive your business forward while keeping your costs low. Read more

About Teleopti TEM

Teleopti TEM is a global supplier of Communication Management solutions. Hundreds of companies around the world rely on Teleopti TEM’s comprehensive and flexible solutions to achieve the optimal monitoring of their IT and telecoms expenses and complete response quality management. Teleopti TEM, established in 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden operates through a large number of local offices worldwide and an extensive network of partners. With a high level of customer satisfaction and 20 years of positive results, Teleopti is a partner you can rely on.