There is little point in investing in IT or unified communication services if such services aren’t used or don’t fulfill the needs of departments and their employees. Pro software provides vital insights into the utilization of applications and devices so as to optimize investments and remove any costly deadweight.

1. Transparent Usage Figures
Clear usage reports provide the basis for IT teams and department heads to take action, action that is led by awareness. Non-usage in particular can show when an IT investment needs to be reviewed.

2. Voice of the End-User
Introducing ProOpinion, a portal that allows users to give their feedback on each IT and UC service that the company offers. Creating a dialogue with users offers companies the chance to optimize their usage and future costs. End-users can drive change in their technical environment both through ratings and the option to leave comments; managers & administrators have a cock-pit view of all feedback.

3. Subscription Summary
This option helps companies to catalogue exactly how many services each individual within the organization is signed up to. Highlighting which employees are oversubscribed to various services instigates conversations around cost savings both for those in charge of budgeting and the individual users – what should be kept and what is unnecessary?

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