Know your numbers. Increasing awareness of costs raises the value of technology investments within the organization. Our solution, Pro, eases accounting procedures for invoicing, budgeting and forecasting. Cost management also closely integrates with usage insights from reports and user feedback.

1. Intelligent Understanding
Analytical expense reports can be pushed to both users and controllers, setting the foundation for informed decision making. Decentralizing awareness of technology costs to everyone in the company helps to raise wider awareness of the need to balance investments and usage. 

2. Simplified Administration
Accounting becomes manageable rather than a time-consuming pain. Invoices are broken down to show exactly where costs lie, ensuring a smooth accounting process.

3. Balanced IT Investments 
Tied together with transparent usage insights, companies can understand and define the balance between long-term investments in the organization’s core IT needs and short-term investments in agile IT. Cost-center owners then have grounds for effective, informed budgeting.

4. Personal versus Private
The My Private Costs tool helps companies and employees to split usage costs between work communications and personal use. Employees can set their private and company contact lists, from there they have the option to use the company’s mobile devices for any private matters and the company itself can then follow up on this and charge accordingly.

Keen for a quick personal demo?

Curious to learn more about ProOpti’s solution and how to use it? Our experts will take you on a personalized walk through the Pro suite. The live demo is based on your particular focus areas, whether that is, for example, quality control, cost management or user feedback.