What is ProOpti?

ProOpti provides Technology Expense Management software that removes the stress and manual work of handling IT and communications services, returning business value and increased usage. ProOpti’s software, Pro, drives business effectiveness and end-user satisfaction through cost management and forecasting, usage insights and service level assurance.

Why ProOpti?

ProOpti is focused on more than just the software we provide, but the value we offer to organizations.

Awareness through data-driven insights

Awareness through data-driven insights

Balance between business demand & IT investments

Balance between business demand & IT investments

Satisfaction for the end-user

Satisfaction for the end-user

How it works?

The Pro solution is multi-dimensional in its offering and can extend outside of the three key areas below, however they are the basis for ProOpti’s software and the value it offers.

Usage Insights

Raise awareness about the utilization of applications and devices so as to optimize investments and remove any costly deadweight.

Cost Management & Forecasting

Increase understanding of costs so as to share responsibility throughout the company with the aim to cut costs and ease accounting procedures. Consolidated data forms the basis for clear forecasting and IT budgeting.

Service Level Assurance

Ensure your organization receives continuous, clear feedback to create desirable call and service experiences for customers, all whilst meeting the set service levels.

For Who?

ProOpti’s software, Pro, is flexible to the needs of its users and can be used in different ways by different organization types.


For Enterprises

Enterprises can optimize their costs, usage and administrative processes, as well as ensure high-quality services, by using Pro as an in-house optimization solution. Pro offers individual enterprises control, awareness and a balance between their technology investments and business demands. Digitally documenting an enterprise’s utilization of IT services also lays the foundation for a smoother process at accounts payable, where costs are booked correctly the first time.


For Service Providers

Service providers can offer ProOpti’s solution as part of their software delivery to customers. Pro is instrumental for service providers wishing to support their customers in handling technology costs and usage as a centrally-purchased or managed solution, and it can function as a service provider’s own platform for transparent reporting and insights. Service integrators can also maximize their profits by using Pro to make sure that they don’t over-deliver on unused services.