Updated: May 22, 2018


A cookie is a text file sent from our web server and stored on your browser or device.

At our website, www.proopti.com, we use cookies to make the website work better for you; to personalize your experience, remember your preferred language, and improve our services.

In addition, cookies are used to measure the number of visitors using Google Analytics to provide statistics and analyzes of how the site is used. Cookies are also used when marketing our solutions in LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media. By browsing further, you agree to these cookies.

Furthermore, our website uses Pardot, a marketing automation tool offered by Salesforce.com, that uses third-party cookies to track the use of this website in order to give you more relevant information. Depending on which country you are in when entering the website, you might see a pop-up text regarding cookies in which you can say yes or no to this Pardot cookie.

You always have the option to change the settings in your browser for the use and extent of cookies, which then applies to all cookies used on our website. Examples of such adjustments are to block all cookies or to delete cookies when you close your browser.  You can also ask your browser to warn you every time a website attempts to place a cookie on your computer.

According to the Electronic Communications Act (SFS 2003:389), which came into force on July 25th 2003, each visitor to a site that use cookies have the right to be informed about cookies, what they are for and how they can be blocked.

The current ePrivacy Directive  (implemented in Sweden as the Electronic Communications Act - SFS 2003:389, see above) will be replaced by the European Commission with a new ePrivacy Regulation that works in line with GDPR. This cookie policy will be updated accordingly and the latest version is always available on the legal section of our website.

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